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Preventing condensation in the attic

Attic condensation will invariably be caused by one of two things; lack of proper ventilation and an attic that is not properly protected from rain and other elements. The two primary causes of these issues is an extremely high level of humidity in the home and water and moisture entering the attic through the roof. Usually the first thing to check is the Cincinnati roofing to see that it has no leaks and that it is generally sound. If the roof is found to be allowing moisture to seep in, needless to say it must be repaired. Once the roof is in good condition and not leaking, then it is time to assess the issue of ventilation.

An attic is usually ventilated through vents cut into the eaves of the roof however it is possible that the attic is not getting the ventilation it needs. If it is not possible to add additional eave vents then consider adding vents in the attic floor that extend into the ceiling of the room below. This will increase the flow of air in the attic and reduce the level of condensation. If this is insufficient to solve the problem, an attic fan can be installed; this surely will improve the air circulation. An attic fan is not only a great way of combating condensation; it is helpful in keeping the attic cool during the summer which in turn helps to keep the interior of the house cooler.

There are a number of places in the home where ventilation and exhaust is normal, the bathrooms and kitchen being two such places. Make sure these ventilation systems are not venting steam and dampness into the attic. Any vent in the house must not exit into the attic; the ventilation must go to the outside. If you see any ventilation tubes terminating in the attic, have them re-routed to the outside. With flexible tubing this is a simple task.

The interior of the house can also be quite humid; this humid air can in turn find its way into the attic where it results in condensation. In these cases the simple solution is to use a dehumidifier, one on each level of the house is usually sufficient.


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