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How to Prepare for Landscape Installation in Elliot City, MD

Efficient Landscape Installation in Elliott City MD requires some planning. Not only does effective planning help property owners save time by reducing the chances of unnecessary delays, it also offers an ideal environment for introducing new plants and features. Read on to find out how to get started preparing a yard for a new landscape installation below.

Take Inventory of Permanent Structures

Whether property owners are planning to create their own landscape designs or they’ll be working with professional designers, they can benefit from taking an inventory of any permanent structures in their yards before getting started. Draw a map and be sure to include things like underground power lines in addition to above-ground hardscaping features. This map can then be used to identify site-specific concerns and specific preparation needs.

Remove Debris

Get rid of any organic and inorganic debris in advance. This may include leaves, dead plants, weeds, rubbish, or unwanted rocks. Any nondiseased organic matter can be added to the composed pile.

Eradicate Diseases

If any of the plants already present in the area’s landscape are infected, they can wind up transmitting these diseases to the new ones being planted. Infected plants should be removed and promptly destroyed and should never be placed in compost piles. It’s usually a good idea to consult a landscaping professional regarding what means of eradicating diseased plants will be the most appropriate prior to undertaking this task.

Remove Unwanted Features

If the yard has any hardscape or landscape features that will not be carried over into the new design, they should be removed before beginning a new landscape installation in Elliott City MD. While small landscape features such as bushes and plants can be removed by property owners themselves, it’s usually wise to consult a professional before removing retaining walls, paving, fountains, and other hardscaping features.

Start Planning Early

The best way to wind up with a professionally designed and well-integrated new landscape is to work with the same company throughout the process. Browse our website to learn how landscaping experts can help property owners with everything from design to complete new landscape installation today to get started.

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