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How to Prepare for the Exterminator in NYC

There is a common misconception that only dirty or poorly kept households can become infested with roaches, bedbugs, and other pests. In reality, this is far from true, and just about any household can be subjected to these intruders. It’s important for homeowners to take action as soon as they notice insects taking up residence in their homes, as infestations will only get worse with time if not addressed.

The easiest way to deal with an insect infestation is to call a pest control specialist. While they’re waiting for their first appointments, homeowners can also take the following steps to get their homes prepared for the Exterminator in NYC to help maximize their effectiveness.

Clean in Advance

It’s a good idea to thoroughly clean the home. Scrub floors, woodwork, and baseboards with a detergent, vacuum thoroughly, and discard any food products that show signs of bug infestation. It’s also a good idea to discard any trash away from home and to clean up piles paper and clutter.

Remove Visible Insects

Live insects, insect debris, and eggs can all be cleaned up with a vacuum cleaner. If homeowners are concerned about bedbugs, they should also wash all bedding, pillows, cushions, pet beds, and loose clothing. Make sure not to leave piles of clothes on the floor, and put items away when they are not in use.

Outdoor Preparation

Mow the lawn in advance of the scheduled appointment, and don’t water it on the same day the Exterminator in NYC is scheduled to come by. If the home may be infested with termites, remove any yard debris from the area surrounding its foundation and cut back trees and shrubs as needed.

Kitchen Preparation

Homeowners dealing with cockroach infestations should remove all food from potential treatment sites in advance. They should also clean their stovetops, countertops, and the tops of their refrigerators, as cockroaches often use cluttered counters and tops of appliances as places to hide.

Additional Preparation

Ask the exterminator in advance how long the family will have to be away from the home or avoid the treated area. Don’t have an exterminator yet? Browse our website to find out more about one local company that can help today.

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