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Preparations for Severe Storms Should Include Ferndale WA Generator Service

If you have moved into an area prone to hurricane or tornados, you have probably at least thought about what kind of severe storm preparations to make, but if you haven’t begun making those changes, you could get caught unprepared. As we have seen in recent weather trends, even areas not earmarked as severe storm locations can be hit by devastating inclement weather. So really, everyone should take some steps towards preparing their home for a storm, including having generator service in Ferndale WA when you need it.

Preparing Your House

You consider your home a sanctuary, and it generally does a wonderful job of protecting you and your family from the elements. But how well do you think it would do under extreme weather circumstances? If you judge the stability of your home from this new reference point, you may need to make some adjustments around the house. Windows are vulnerable spots during a storm. If you have older windows, you may want to think about upgrading to new impact-resistant glass. You should know how to shut off the utilities: water, gas, and electric. You should also keep objects like shovels, bikes, and other items in a safe location, not just out in the yard. They can easily become dangerous flying debris. You should also keep up regular maintenance, cleaning gutters, repairing siding, clearing leaves off of the roof. If anything is loose or damaged, it can be hazardous in a storm.

Staying Safe

Just like having a family fire escape plan, you should prepare your family for severe storms. The whole family should know what to do and where to be in case you experience one of Mother Nature’s surprises. If you have generator service, see that your unit is properly maintained and that someone in the house knows how to run it, and can even perform some troubleshooting if needed.

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