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Potential Causes of Interior Crooked Doors in Hawaii

It isn’t necessarily that unusual for a home to have one or more doors that are crooked. Some people decide to just live with this type of problem, but this isn’t necessarily a good idea. In some cases, the reason for Interior Crooked Doors in Hawaii can be a relatively serious structural problem in the home.

Loose Hinge Screws

Sometimes dealing with a crooked door can be very simple and doesn’t even require the homeowner to remove the door. The problem may be as simple as the screws in the door’s hinges starting to come out. Just take a screwdriver and tighten all of the screws to see if this helps to solve the problem.

Screws That Are Too Short

Because the screws that come with door hinges tend to be short, sometimes the door tends to pull away from the wall a bit. Replacing some or all of the screws with longer 3-inch screws that can be drilled into the wood framing and better support the weight of the door will make it so the door no longer sags if this is the problem.

A Shim Is Needed

Another potential way to fix an interior crooked door that won’t stay open is to insert a shim behind the back of the bottom hinge to help put the door back into plumb so it will stop swinging shut. Of course, it’s important to look into why the door is out of plumb first.

Foundation Shifting

The most serious potential cause of Interior Crooked Doors in Hawaii is a shifting foundation. Over time, a house’s foundation may shift, affecting the entire structure of the home. If the home has crooked doors, windows that stick, walls with cracks, or floors that are no longer even, get the home checked out to make sure that the foundation doesn’t need to be stabilized. Without stabilizing the foundation, the home could develop further structural issues that will be even more difficult to fix.

Structural Systems Inc can help you deal with your home’s structural issues due to foundation problems. Contact them for more information on the alternatives available or to schedule an appointment. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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