Popular Designs for Residential Wood Fencing in Christiansburg, VA Dec03


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Popular Designs for Residential Wood Fencing in Christiansburg, VA

When it comes to Residential Wood Fencing in Christiansburg VA, there are many styles that people can choose. Privacy fencing for the backyard, picket fences for the front, and country designs are popular in a variety of rural, small-town, and urban neighborhoods. Customized gates can be included for access from the outside instead of from the house.

Privacy Fencing

Some homeowners want a privacy fence for the backyard that completely blocks any view by the neighbors. Others want a more modified version of this, perhaps with a lattice style around the top. That way, they can converse with their neighbors when they want to but still enjoy privacy while sitting around a patio table. Privacy fencing height must adhere to zoning codes and neighborhood requirements.

Farm-Style Design

Residential Wood Fencing in Christiansburg VA also can be constructed in a farm-style design. The fence might be about three or four feet tall with horizontal top and bottom boards as borders for a repeated X-design across the yard’s perimeter. If the property owners want the fence to keep dogs in the yard, they can have it lined with nearly invisible wires. Rural dwellers might keep other animals inside this type of structure.

Picket Fencing

Picket fencing is popular in front yards, where it usually is installed for primarily decorative purposes. It also can help prevent people from taking shortcuts across the corner of the lawn, which tends to happen on corner lots with sidewalks. Some property owners have picket fences installed just at the corners instead of all the way around.

Boards and Open Spaces

Another possibility is horizontal boards attached to posts with spaces between those horizontal panels. This can be crafted by a contractor such as Sam Fencing for a certain amount of privacy or more open as a decorative design. The posts can be as short as three feet tall or as high as zoning allows. These designs tend to be a bit more rustic and are especially popular in country settings, although they can fit well in the city too. More information on this particular contractor can be seen at Sam-fencing.com. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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