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Pop Vocalists For A Private Party

Pop vocalists liven up the room for a private party or event. Whether it’s a corporate function or an anniversary milestone, pop vocalists know how to bring the memorable tunes that everyone will love. Get people out on the dance floor by bringing in a pop vocalist and live music that will have everyone talking after the event. You want a pop vocalist who knows hits old and new, and isn’t afraid to get people up out of their chairs.

  • Ask what genre the vocalist specializes in. Some may focus on older songs, while others will have a healthy mix of new and old. Be clear about what songs you are looking for from the artist. If you prefer songs grouped together according to era, say so. This can get people on the dance floor and if the vocalist continues with Motown songs, it can keep the guests out there, having a fabulous time. Overall, you should have a little bit of pop music from each decade, which covers most age ranges at any party. Of course if there’s one particular decade or group of bands you want to focus on, make that clear too. Most pop vocalists are happy to accommodate clients who have a particular theme in mind for the music at the party.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for a few songs. When meeting with a pop vocalist for an event, don’t be shy. Ask for a couple of songs that you want to be sure are covered at the party. This gives you an idea of the pop vocalist’s musical capabilities. Any artist will be happy to perform for you on the spot. This spontaneity says a lot about a person’s stage persona too. You want someone who is able to work the crowd and get them enthused about the event.

Ask the pop vocalist for suggestions on how the room should be set up for the event. If you are able to have short and sweet rehearsal before the event, this can be a great way to get a feel for the acoustics in the space. At this time you can also deal with any lighting issues and be sure that there’s sufficient space for the pop vocalist and the band or any sound equipment that will accompany them. Pop vocalists are a fabulous addition to a special event.

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