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Pool Maintenance in Pearland can Keep the Water Clean

Summer is right around the corner and that means that everyone will want to swim in the backyard pool. While that sounds enticing, a pool requires a lot of pool maintenance in Pearland to keep it clean and ready for use. The water needs to have the proper balance of chemicals, debris must be scooped out, and all of the interior walls need to be vacuumed and brushed regularly. It might be a good idea to consider using a pool service to take care of all of the manual labor so that you can simply have fun.

Balancing the Water

To maintain crystal clear water, a pool needs to be kept at the correct pH level so that algae and bacteria don’t turn the water green. Most pools need the pH to be between 7.2 and 7.8 for it to be safe for people to swim. A pH higher than 8 may cause swimmers to break out in skin rashes, while a pH lower than 7 may cause a person’s eyes to sting and turn red. Maintaining balanced water can be tricky, so one may wish to consider enlisting the services of a company that specializes in pool maintenance in Pearland.

Pool Maintenance

Signing up for a maintenance plan can ensure that a pool will be ready to use at all times. There are plans to fit every budget, but most service is done on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. Weekly and bi-weekly plans include balancing the chemicals to maintain the proper pH level, vacuuming and brushing the walls, emptying the skimmer baskets, and backwashing the filter. Other options can be added to either service plan if so desired.


A pool should be cleaned regularly. The walls, steps, and ladders should be brushed 1 -2 times a week to prevent algae from forming, and a vacuum should be run to remove any dirt and debris that has made its way into the water. The filter should be backwashed after vacuuming to remove sediment and contaminants that have accumulated inside, and the tile line and tiles should be wiped down to remove any stuck on dirt or grease.

Pools provide a lot of enjoyment, but they must be maintained for the water to remain clear. For information regarding pool maintenance plans, click here.

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