Poochperk.com: Inventive and Practical Puppy Gifts that Deliver May11


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Poochperk.com: Inventive and Practical Puppy Gifts that Deliver

A dog box is an effective way to spoil your pet. Usually replete with toys and edible treats, a pooch box can be a one-time deal, or you can repeat the rewards every month with a subscription. A customized package is another option whereby you can choose treat ingredients for a food-sensitive dog or tough toys for an aggressive chewer. Finally, you also have the choice with many companies to buy individual items.

Components of a Pooch Box

Dog boxes can be quite variable in what they include and which types of dogs they cater to. Most boxes have a select number of toys and one or more packages of treats. Other options follow:

• Dog toy box – toys only

• Treats only

• Grooming box – brushes, combs, shampoo, deodorant sprays, scissors, towels are possible inclusions

• Sample box – combination of bedding, toys, and other items for novice owners or new dogs

• Puppy box – teething toys, comfort toys, puppy food

Puppy Subscription Box

A pooch box company that dedicates itself to customer service will offer a few types of subscriptions.

• One-time – you can buy your dog a box whenever you see fit; optimal for grooming and puppy boxes

• Mont-to-month – you can renew if you like or skip months; great for variable budgetary concerns

• Six-month

• Twelve-month – you may receive additional rewards for your commitment

• Special occasions – holidays, birthdays

Individual Items

Pooch box companies usually give you a selection of individual items. You can buy them individually or add them to an ongoing puppy subscription box. Examples of such add-ons include:

• Dental chews

• Water bowls

• Leashes and collars

• Extra toys

• Blankets or clothing

• Puppy pads

• Dog bed

Where to Go

Whether you just got a puppy or want to send a memorable gift to a pet owner friend, visit Pooch Perks at www.Poochperk.com for a spectacular dog toy box selection.

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