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Points to Consider With Dog Boarding in Chicago

An upcoming business trip will be more than a couple of days out of town. In fact, the pet owner will be gone for two whole weeks. That’s a long time for friends to drop by and check on the dog. A better solution is to check out the options for dog boarding in Chicago. When evaluating different facilities, keep a few basics in mind.

Asking About Certifications Licensing and Insurance

While it is not necessary to obtain certification in order to offer Dog Boarding in Chicago, there are facility owners who will do so in order to confirm that they do operate within the standards required to obtain a certification. It also pays to verify that the facility has an up to date business license. Always ask about insurance protection and how it relates to the pets if some sort of disaster does occur. Should the responses to any of these questions be less than satisfactory, take that as a sign to check out a different facility.

Screening and Selection of Staff

It pays to know that the people who will take care of the dog have been screened prior to being hired. Screening is important since it would rule out the possibility that anyone working at the facility has a history of animal abuse. Ideally, everyone who works at the place happens to love animals, especially dogs. That is a strong indicator that the pet will receive a reasonable amount of attention.

Touring the Facility

Always tour the facility and see what it has to offer. Pay close attention to sleeping spaces; room set aside for outdoor recreation and the kitchen where the food is prepared for each of the guests. Take a moment and ask how the staff handles any special diets required by different dogs. When the answers come without any hesitation, that’s an excellent sign that the pet will receive a reasonable amount of care.

For anyone who needs to board a dog for any amount of time, Visit Chicago Canine Academy today and see what they have to offer. After determining what sort of environment the pet will be in and how the staff interacts with the other dogs, making a decision will be easy.

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