Plumbing Services: Earthquake Valve Installation Dec24


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Plumbing Services: Earthquake Valve Installation

Advancements in technology have brought into daily use some of the marvels of human brain. One such device is the earthquake valve or the seismic valve that can control and completely shut down the gas pipelines in case it senses any seismic activity in the area near your house. Installing earthquake valves therefore are very important as they can avoid any untoward happening in gas pipelines during any incident of an earthquake.

These small devices are usually attached to the main gas meter of the house. They perform the crucial operation of shutting down the gas supply once a seismic reading is detected. When an earthquake occurs, sometimes explosions and gas accidents create more havoc than the earthquake does. Therefore, it is best to make sure the gas lines get automatically sealed during any such accident.

Earthquake valves can be installed using the services of plumbing experts who deal in setting up gas pipelines and their replacement. You could go for motion sensing caged ball or the excessive flow sensor. Here is a detailed description of the working of the two types –

Caged Ball Type

In this system a metallic ball is kept away from an orifice and maintained in a position on a ring. Any movement will make the metal ball roll from the top of its ledge and jam the orifice. The sensor then immediately shuts down the gas pipeline system. The system can sometimes be extra sensitive and react to non-seismic movements like those caused by vehicles passing on a rough road.

Resetting the system needs extra careful handling and should be done by trained experts in plumbing gas lines. Pilot lights that indicate the vibrations go out completely in case of genuine seismic vibration. Resetting of the device after the incident has passed may require gas expert who needs to ensure that the air in the area is free from any gas leak using a gas detector.  Therefore relighting the system requires proper measures to be taken.

Excessive Flow Sensor

Every gas pipeline has a preset limit of the flow speed as required in the household. Excessive flow sensors are installed in the pipeline to detect increased flow of gas in the pipelines. This can occur only if there is any leakage or breakage in the pipeline. Immediate shut down of pipelines and replacement of the damaged part must be taken up to avoid any emergencies.

The installation of earthquake valves is not quite easy and must be carefully done. Many plumbing contractors offer services of earthquake valve installation in gas pipelines alongside attending to other issues in plumbing Manchester NH residents should therefore, look into getting valves of these kinds installed in their gas pipeline system. Visit us website for more information.

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