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Plumbers in Gig Harbor WA Assist Customers Dealing With a Sewer Backup

Plumbers in Gig Harbor WA help customers who have experienced the unpleasant and sometimes damaging effects of a sewer backup in the house. When the problems occurs in an unfinished basement with relatively few items touched by the mess, the incident is moderately upsetting but without large consequences. Sometimes, however, a backup ruins carpeting, furniture and other home furnishings if the basement is a living area or the backup occurs upstairs.

Cleanup that requires throwing away many belongings is frustrating and expensive. The service from Plumbers in Gig Harbor WA should be affordable, though, resolving the immediate problem and helping to prevent this from happening again in the future. The exception is when the sewer pipe has been damaged by ground shifts over time.

Video Inspection

A video inspection of the sewer line can be performed by a company such as Express Service Plumbing. This may be advisable to make sure there is no serious damage to the sewer pipe. Root systems invading the sewer line are the most common cause of sewer backups. Tree roots normally invade through pipe joints that have come a bit loose over many years, and sometimes through very tiny cracks in the concrete or clay.

Excavation and Repair

A noticeable crack, though, means some excavation and repair work is in order. Otherwise, sewage will be leaking out into the ground, and the problem will only get worse. A plumbing service either replaces part of the pipe or runs a new line inside of the old one.

Annual Maintenance

If no major repair work is necessary, a plumber may recommend having annual maintenance performed on the system, consisting of cutting tree roots in the pipe with a mechanical snake. A solution that kills roots can be flushed down toilets as directed. The products are available at hardware stores and home improvement stores. This does not harm trees.

Preventive Strategies

Even when tendrils start growing in again, problems typically can be prevented by not flushing things that can catch on those roots and start accumulating to cause a blockage. Common examples include feminine hygiene products, sanitary wipes, cleaning sponges and paper towels.

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