Planning the Perfect Engagement Party

If you are newly engaged, you want engagement party ideas that are different from every other engagement party you have attended. After all, this is one of the most important times of your life. Try thinking outside of the box and plan something that you will truly enjoy since this is your day. Remember, you must keep your budget in mind.

Think about who is going to be attending your party and search out engagement party ideas that your family and friends will also enjoy. There are so many things to consider that it may be hard to know where to start. If you are having difficulty, contact a party or event planner for assistance.

Getting Started

The hardest thing about planning an engagement party is actually getting started with the process. To begin with, you need a guest list. Who do you want at your engagement party? Think about what type of party you want. Do you want this to be a small get-together for close friends or is this a more formal affair with lots of people invited? Remember, this is your wedding and engagement party. While advice is great, ultimately, you get to choose what you want. If advice from family and friends is starting to get overwhelming, hire your own event planner to help you sort through ideas and arrive at a decision.

Theme and Location

The location for your party should be one that goes well with your theme, so you will need to decide the theme of the party and then the location. Before you go really elaborate with a themed party, keep in mind that you still have a wedding reception to pay for. So, you might want to save the “big bash” for after the wedding and keep the engagement party simple and fun. The location should be central for most of the party guests for convenience. Some ideas for great locations include a favorite restaurant, the beach, a park, an outside garden, or some other favorite spot or hang-out.

If all this planning and coming up with engagement party ideas seems a bit overwhelming, step back and take a deep breath. If you need help with the planning, a competent special event planner can have all the details worked out for you in no time flat.

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