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Planning Employee Moving Services: A Guide For Nashville Companies

As a Human Resource manager in Nashville, finding a top relocation service to manage employee moving requirements is often part of your responsibilities. Narrowing down the choice of a mover to work with for the first time, or changing a current provider to a better moving service starts with fully understanding the needs of your company.

Consider Moving Requirements

Depending on the size of the company and where they are located in the state, in the country or around the world, different moving services may be required. Most movers can manage moves in Nashville and the surrounding area, but there are fewer movers that can manage local as well as national moves.

There are only a small handful of qualified moving companies to manage international moves. If international moves are a possibility, this should be a key initial factor to consider.

Discuss Timeline Issues

With most employee moving contracts, the speed of the move is an important consideration. While there may be a few weeks notice, in peak moving seasons this can be a challenge for smaller moving companies.

The mover selected should be large enough to ensure moves can be completed within the company’s required timeline, regardless of the month of the year and the move timeline.

Review Services

With most employee moving programs, the basic services are outlined for the mover to perform. With executive and corporate types of moves, this may include full packing and unpacking services, auto transport or other moving requirements.

When talking to any moving company, be clear of these specific services to be included in the basic contract.

Compare Costs

Comparing costs should only be done after the first three factors in choosing a mover have been confirmed. Low cost movers often do not offer some of the features needed, which only leads to problems and frustration with every move.

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