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Planning a Stress-free Move

It is that time of the year. Beautiful weather usually falls in line with a move. Wouldn’t you rather move when the sun was shining rather than when the snow was falling? Aside from weather, how can you make the move a smooth transition for you and the movers? Elect to use quality packaging material. Also, ensure that your move is organized to reduce the stress of disorganization and chaos. Your chosen Movers St. Paul will appreciate your packaging and organization. This will help them to help you have a swift, stress-free move.


Invest in quality, packaging materials. Although it may be less expensive to reuse those thousands of plastic bags that you have accumulated over the years, it will ultimately take up more space and time for your movers to pack in the moving vehicle. Choose the appropriate size boxes that are made for your materials and can hold the desired weight. Wrap your delicate pieces, such as glass and china, in newspaper prior to packing. Also, add packing peanuts to aid in keeping breakable items from shifting with the movement of the vehicle. Taking the time to wrap your items and investing in quality materials is the difference between broken china and dinnerware that arrives in one piece.


Organization is always key. After you put in all the time to package your belongings, you do not want to spend months unpacking and living out of boxes. First, label all of your boxes. At the least, provide a short label with what items are in the box and where they belong. Your movers will then be able to place the boxes in the appropriate space of your new home. Another great organization technique, to help as you unpack, is to label the level of importance of the materials. You can choose to pack clothing that you rarely wear and label the box as “not important” to save the time of rushing to unpack unnecessary items. You can then unpack after you are more settled or keep the items boxed and donate the enclosed items to charity.

In small moves, families feel comfortable in packing their own belongings. Use appropriate packaging materials and keep organized to help your Movers St. Paul create an easy, comfortable moving experience.

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