Philadelphians Can Get Help with Stucco Repair Near Philadelphia, PA Jan25


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Philadelphians Can Get Help with Stucco Repair Near Philadelphia, PA

Stucco was commonly used on the exteriors of homes that were built before 1950. These days, not everyone knows how to repair damaged stucco, so here is a guide to residential stucco repair near Philadelphia, PA.

About Stucco

Back when your home’s stucco was applied, it was an inexpensive, yet durable, option for protecting the sides of homes. It was made of plaster that was applied in a three-step process.

Assessing Damaged Stucco

Depending on how badly your stucco is damaged, you may see all three layers at the site of the damage and possibly the home’s framework. You may just see the outer layer crumbling or a crack that has formed. If all you have is minor cracks, plan to mainly just paint over the stucco. If there’s minor damage, you’ll need to buy a stucco patch kit. Check whether the windows and doors need to be caulked. If there is extensive damage and/or the repair work needs to be done high up on the exterior of the home, hire the renovation.

Repairing Damaged Stucco

If renovating your stucco home yourself, do the following:

  • Buy a stucco patch kit, paint, brushes, roller and pan, caulk and whatever else you need.
  • Pressure wash the house.
  • Repair the stucco.
  • Seal the windows and doors and give the caulk time to dry.
  • Paint around the doors and windows with a brush. Roll the rest of the house.

Contact Us for Stucco Repair Jobs Big or Small

For stucco repair near Philadelphia, PA contact Heiler Painting through the company website.

If you need a guide to residential stucco repair, visit Heiler Painting at their website.

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