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Pharmaceutical Hammer Mill- Learn about the device and its features

Pharmaceutical hammer mill grinds big size materials and powder at 20-120 mesh. Widely used in the chemical, food and medicine industry, the machine can crush spice and oil materials with less than 25% oil content.

The screen controls the size of the particles and normal temperature is used during the production. It features a simple mechanism and offers stable operation. Since it provides a good crushing effect, you can get the desired particles directly from the grinding chambers after filtering through the screens.

What are the features?

Pharmaceutical hammer mill manufacturer designs it as per GMP standard. Made from stainless steel, this machine does not produce dust during production, improves material’s utilisation rate and reduces enterprise’s cost. Here are its incredible features.

• The structure is uncomplicated and straightforward to use. There are no issues faced during installation, operation and cleaning.
• It consists of a dust collecting box that accumulates all dust, resulting in zero dust production.
• It can grind different types of materials and produce the size needed for the manufacture.
• It has a high reduction ratio when used for primary, secondary and tertiary grinding.
• It is equipped with an air-cooling device to keep the temperature stable so that the material’s color and nature are not affected.
• The machine is affordable and uses a little space for storage.

Other details

Pharmaceutical hammer mill comprises a main chamber, dust collector, cyclone discharge, control box and blower. Whilst the cyclone separates the dust from the granules, the dust collector system accumulates the dust conveniently in different dust collecting bags. There is also a rotary valve that evens the speed of powder discharge.

Finding the right hammer mill is essential. It is recommended that you get in touch with a prestigious pharmaceutical hammer mill manufacturer and get the best machine in the market.

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