Pest Control in Spokane for Grubs, the Larval Stage of Large Beetles Mar16


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Pest Control in Spokane for Grubs, the Larval Stage of Large Beetles

Pest Control in Spokane helps property owners prevent damage to the lawn from insect infestations. Some insect invasions are particularly common in this part of the country, and professional pest management technicians are familiar with the signs identifying a population of specific bugs. They also know the most effective extermination and prevention methods for different insect species that cause harm to grass and other plants.

Various species of beetles with grub larvae are common in this region, for example. The larvae are fat, white or yellowish creatures that have a brown head and noticeable front legs. They tend to remain in a C-shape. Although relatively small, they can look quite disgusting when humans spot them while digging in the garden or compost pile. Grubs eat roots of grass and other plants, which can weaken and even kill the greenery. If they grow to the adult stage, homeowners then have big beetles, such as Japanese beetles and June bugs, to deal with. Signs of grub infestations include yellowing and brown spots around the lawn. People generally notice when a population of large beetles is on the property just by seeing these creatures, but another sign is damage to plants after the beetles chew on leaves.

A few grubs aren’t problematic, and a technician for Pest Control in Spokane can verify whether or not the property has a potentially harmful infestation by examining soil under the grass and in gardens on the property. It’s easier to manage a beetle population when the grubs are still young. Beetles are more difficult to kill with pesticide as they have hard, protective coverings. In addition, small, younger grubs are more vulnerable to pesticide than older, hardier ones are.

A company such as Spokane Pro Care provides pest control services for grubs and adult beetles as well as for other problem insects. They know the best time of year to tackle the situation most effectively. This type of full-service lawn care organization completes many other yard management tasks as well, such as aeration, fertilization, and weed control. The combination of services keeps lawns healthy and looking lush and green.

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