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How a Personal Injury Law Attorney in St. Charles, MO Can Help You

Personal injury cases are springing up all over the United States all the time, and many damages are being paid out. It is only fitting that those who have been hurt and are looking to file a personal injury lawsuit, should know all about the personal injury law in their state or Commonwealth. A Personal Injury Law Attorney in St. Charles MO helps clients to understand the laws regarding personal injury in the state.

Understanding the Time Frame

Whenever filing a lawsuit for personal injury, the plaintiff should know how much time he or she has to file the lawsuit in a civil court. In Missouri, the plaintiff has five years to file the lawsuit, otherwise, the case will not likely be heard. Any opportunity to collect damages will also be gone. Five years seems like a long time, but it can go rather quickly.

Understanding the Shared Fault Rule

Like other states, Missouri applies a rule called the pure comparative fault rule. This means that the defendant can try to prove that the plaintiff was partial to blame for the personal injury that occurred. Whatever percentage can be proved, that is the amount that will be reduced from the damages awarded, no matter how big or small.

Caps for Personal Injury

There are some instances where the state will impose a cap on damages received for personal injury cases. In Missouri, there are no such caps, and the plaintiff could receive as much as the attorney can muster up for him or her. This could work out quite positively for the plaintiff if everything is in legal order with the attorney. Finding the right attorney is going to be a key to the plaintiff’s success.

Who to Contact for Help

The Niedner Law Firm has been providing legal solutions for clients in the St. Charles, Missouri area for over 80 years. In addition to personal injury cases, the attorney’s practice business law, criminal law, real estate law, family law, and many others. If any parties are looking for a Personal Injury Law Attorney in St. Charles MO, the law firm is available. Contact Niedner Law at the website.

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