Payette Sequin 101: Using a Payette Sequin Backdrop at Your Austin Event Jan19


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Payette Sequin 101: Using a Payette Sequin Backdrop at Your Austin Event

It is always fun to use a Payette sequin wall backdrop at an event, from a birthday party or baby shower to a wedding or anniversary party. You may even be thinking of performing an online search for “Payette sequin drape backdrop panels” for a special occasion. However, it is best to learn about a specific type of linen to ensure it is right for your event.

Payette Sequin 101

To help you choose the linen for your event, here are several facts on Payette sequin panels.

Sparse Patches

The sparse patches found on the backdrop are intentional because the sequins are designed to follow the draping. If you dislike the sparse patches, you can cover them by smoothing the sequins to lay flat over the area.

Mesh Backing

A Payette sequin backdrop features a mesh backing to enhance the design of the drapes. Additionally, you can use the drapes as a tablecloth by simply laying it over another tablecloth of the same color.

Reflective Sequins

You can rest assured that you never receive any dull sequins on your drapes. The drapes are made with reflective Payette sequins. Therefore, the sequins need light to shimmer and shine.

Ruffled Drapes

It is not uncommon for the drapes to become ruffled during transit. You can smooth them out with the palm of your hand, but you want to check the care instructions for any further steps.

If you are planning to do a search for “Payette sequin drape backdrop panels,” be sure to check out the inventory at CV Linens. Visit them to browse through the selection of beautiful Payette sequin backdrop panels.

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