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Pass Through Windows: The Perfect Office Upgrade

Are you tired of your office not coming off as professional as you’d like to the general public? Could your waiting area use a few upgrades to make it look more pulled together and modern? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, it may be worth your while to consider investing in new pass through windows. These office-essentials are must haves for any operation with a waiting area, and they’re now being customized by experienced design professionals.

Accessible and Chic

Pass through windows don’t have to be run of the mill anymore. In fact, they can actually be quite aesthetically appealing when both opened and closed. Your employees will have the opportunity to close off this space if necessary, and the end result will be more than just a few panes of glass. By getting design professionals involved, you can take advantage of stunning designs, modern materials and functional accessories that make these relatively simple elements the focal points they deserve to be.

Big or Small

Whether the pass through windows you currently have are large or small, various designs can be customized to meet your unique needs. While some windows will need to be large enough to enclose an entire room, others will need to be the size of a standard window. If you have a unique sized area or an awkward window location, most interior designers can create custom pieces to suit your needs.

Don’t Stop There

By updating the pass through space of your office’s waiting room, you’ll be amazed at what a huge difference it will make. By pairing this upgrade with a fresh coat of paint, some new chairs and maybe some coordinating art work on the walls, you’ll be providing your patients or clients with an experience that will leave them wondering if they’re in the right building!

Space Plus offers value that goes beyond doors. By designing unique and functional interior door solutions for homes and offices, public buildings, schools and hospitals, they’ve created a beautiful design portfolio that is unlike anything else. If you’re looking for pass through windows, sliding doors, or office partitions, let Space Plus’s professional staff design the perfect piece for you. Visit http://www.spaceplusllc.com today to learn more.

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