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Here’s the scene: You graduate from college and are psyched to move into the big city with a bunch of pals from school. Here’s the problem: There’s only one bedroom, and each of you wants your privacy. It’s not going to happen, right? Wrong!

Before you buy a refrigerator dedicated solely to chilling cans of beer, or replace the regular light bulbs with every colored one you can get your hand on, consider investing your money instead in some panel systems. Panel systems could quite possibly be what saves your friendships and allows you a little privacy in a nearly impossible living situation.

Panel systems are a contemporary solution for diving a room when dry wall in a rental isn’t an option. And even when it is, panel systems are just that much cooler. Panel systems are where modern design meets everyday function, as they panels attach to a track system and glide along easily for sleek, simple use. You can place them anyway and not worry. They can even be used on windows as an alternative to fussy window treatments. You determine the number of panels that make the most sense to cover the needed space.

Start out your adult life with style and function at the same time. You’ll be less likely to get sick of your roommates too soon if you don’t have to see them all the time. But if only your dorm room had panel systems – you could have blocked out your annoying roommates ages ago.

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