Painting Company in Boulder, CO Talks About Chalk Paint

by | Aug 2, 2023 | Painting

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If you ask a painting company in Boulder, CO, they will tell you that chalk paint is becoming increasingly popular for surfaces, including walls, floors, dressers, and cabinets. This new paint’s ability to attach to most surfaces without the need for priming or sanding and to dry quickly may be one of its finest features. All of this is fantastic, especially if you have little time to put a fresh coat of paint on a dull space.


A painting company in Boulder, CO says that the matte, chalk-like surface that gives whatever you paint with chalk paint a great shabby chic appearance is how chalk paint acquired its name. It’s amazing how versatile this paint is. You may apply and handle the color in various ways to get a distinct outcome and mix the colors yourself to create a unique shade that is all your own.

This paint may be used to create various effects, such as crackle, distressed, wash, smoothness, and aged texture. These many effects are produced using water, different brush strokes, sandpaper, and a hairdryer.

Wax Sealants

The soft wax that Annie Sloan created to go with her chalk paint, available in clear or dark, is designed to give the paint an appealing shine while also sealing in the personality of how the paint was applied and treated.

In her videos, she explains how to apply the wax by rubbing it into the paint, similar to how you would apply hand lotion. Not everybody is sure how to use the wax or even understands the videos, so to be sure that it is done right, hire professionals such as JEI Painting LLC.

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