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Packing Artwork is a Delicate Job

The packing and shipment of art is entirely different from the packing and shipping of any other item. An experienced professional is needed to accomplish this. For one thing, there is a lot of value in the artwork. In many cases, the artwork is priceless. That means that the artwork must be handled with the utmost care.

Now there are several different techniques that are used by companies for artwork packing in Angeles. For starters, the artwork can be packed in either a frame or an unframed packaged. A frame goes around the already packaged up artwork for added protection from anything that may fall on or slam into it during the moving process. They offer an additional layer of protection.

How an Artwork Packing Company Packs Art

The first thing that a company does is send a representative to examine the piece or pieces of artwork. They will take measurements and requests from the customer. They will then be able to give a quote for the packing and shipping costs for the job.

There are several steps involved that artwork packing in Los Angeles companies can employ to ensure that the artwork is as safe as possible. For framed or flat pieces of art, they can actually cut a custom piece of glass to place over the face of the art for extra protection. On top of that most, companies use furniture wrap to go around the entire piece of art.

In addition to furniture wrap, a layer of styro-board can be applied around the edges of the piece of artwork. Th styro-board can even be cut to completely go around the artwork for an even greater amount of protection. This is usually the last bit of protection before the outer layer.

Now the outer layer of the shipment is usually a crate or some sort of wooden container. This sturdy structure gives the shipment the most protection possible from any mishaps during shipment. The artwork package is placed inside the wooden crate or container and is then packed with shock absorbing fillers like packing peanuts or something similar to that for even more protection for the artwork.

As can be seen, there are a lot of precautionary steps involved with packing valuable pieces of artwork. It may seem a little over the top to some people, but when there is something as valuable as artwork there can never be enough protection when a person has to pack, store, or ship the artwork. There are a select few art packing, storage, and transportation companies out there that specialize in this line of work. Thankfully, for those people living in Orange County there are professional options available to have artwork packed, stored, or shipped.

Art Pack is a highly respected artwork packing in Los Angeles company that caters to the art collector community. The company has over 40 years worth of combined experience in the handling and packing of fine art, furniture, and more. Service is offered for any size consignment, regardless of size or special needs.

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