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Overcome Your Knee Pain at the Rehabilitation Facility in Strongsville Oh

The knee is a hinge joint that allows the leg to move up and down. Because it takes on the brunt of the weight of a person and is the largest joint in the body, it stands to reason it can be easily injured. When injuries arise, individuals can find it difficult to regain their mobility. Pain reduction and mobility improvement can both be experienced at the Rehabilitation Facility in Strongsville Oh.

What Can Patients Expect From Rehab?

When a person seeks rehab for their Knee Pain Treatment Strongsville Oh, they will first need to discuss their medical history with their therapist. It is important they discuss any health concerns (both current and past), the medications they take, and what symptoms they are currently experiencing. The more information the patient can provide, the better equipped their therapist will be to offer them a proper plan of care.

The therapist will examine the patient and perform certain types of testing to determine where the pain is stemming from and what type of treatments will be most beneficial. The therapist will draw up the treatment plan and discuss this with their patient and get their input to ensure the patient understands what to expect.

Rehab involves many different types of treatment which may include:

  • Ultrasound technology can be used to aid the healing process by increasing blood flow to the painful area.
  • Electrical stimulation can be used to improve pain and mobility.
  • Dry heat can be used to alleviate pain and increase blood flow to the area.
  • Cold therapy can be used to reduce inflammation and swelling for improved healing.
  • Light therapy may be used for pain reduction and wound healing.
  • Water therapy allows patients to exercise and strengthen their painful areas without experiencing discomfort.

Call Today For Your Appointment

Knee pain is difficult to deal with and can prevent a person from being able to be mobile. Physical therapy can help individuals overcome their pain, improve their mobility, and possibly avoid surgical intervention.

To learn more about these beneficial services, visit website. This site will offer you information on the many physical therapy services you can expect to have access to. Call Pure Physio in Strongsville Oh today if you would like to schedule your appointment.

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