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Outstanding Warrants in Salisbury, MD? Hire an Attorney to Handle Them

It’s very scary and confusing to be arrested by the police and charged with a crime. Only the most experienced criminals know what to do in this situation. Some people might not think what they did was that bad or that they are innocent, so it will all go away. They think that they can just throw out pieces of paper and ignore the whole situation. This is not a wise move or their part. Once they have been bailed out of jail, they might think they are free to go and the court has more important things to do than come after them.

Well that’s not the case, if a defendant doesn’t show up for a hearing, the court will send the defendant a Failure to Appear notice and it will issue one of the Bench Warrants Salisbury MD notifications that it sends out each week. While a policeman might not show up at the door immediately, there is a good chance that the defendant will be caught by the system. First of all, if they used a bail bondsman to get out of jail, they can rest assured that he will get a copy of the Failure To Appear. It’s his money on the line, so he will start to look for the defendant. If he finds him, he will take the defendant into custody and bring him to the police station.

Second, this information will be fed into a variety of computerized data bases. Even if the defendant posted their own bail or was released on their personal recognizance, certain behaviors will get them noticed. When an officer stops a person for speeding, they will take their license and check to see if they have any outstanding Warrants Salisbury MD notifications. The same thing can happen at any airport in any state. The person can be expected to be taken into custody. Bail will almost certainly be revoked.

If a defendant has received a Failure to Appear notice, they should hire a lawyer and let them handle it. Lawyers can often get the warrant recalled and prevent their client from being sent to jail. Marc A. Zeve, PA – Attorney At Law will file the appropriate Motions with the issuing Judge to have the warrant recalled and have a trial date set.

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