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Outstanding Results with Your Print on Wood Printer

In the not-too-distant past, if you wanted to place an image on wood, it was necessary to apply a photograph or other image on the surface and seal it to give it durability. This is still a common way to produce graphics and photos on wood, but as technology has advanced, there is truly a better way. You will need a print on wood printer to achieve results that rival original photos, but give you an image that is far more durable.

No Problem

When photos are applied to hard surfaces, such as wood, the mounted image has an edge that can be damaged in handling. In addition, this method can be susceptible to moisture, which can lift the image and ruin the effect. An image produced by the print on wood printer is not vulnerable to these issues because the image is digitally printed on a wood panel directly.

You have the look of a mounted photo, and an image that feels similar, but with added durability. You can even keep the image sharp and clean using a cloth that is just slightly damp, something you can’t do with a mounted photo.

Outstanding Results

The print on wood printer is the ideal way to produce long-lasting images with an appearance that rivals an original print mounted on a hard surface. The technology is LED ultraviolet light using UV-curable ink. More people are making the transition to this excellent printing method not only because of durability, but also because the process is quick and efficient.

The digital process uses ultraviolet light to cure ink fast, in fact, almost instantly. When the printing process is complete, you have sharp color and a long-lasting image, one that can be used on a variety of materials. Learn more by visiting the website of a leading provider of the finest printing technology, then call and talk to a representative about your specific requirements.

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