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Orthopedic Therapy Services Available in Chicago

When circumstances befall on us to experience injuries and pains, we desire to be back in our initial status. Orthopedic Chicago is where you get back to your previous favorite activities after experiencing orthopedic injuries. Here, the Central Medical Specialists provide individualized treatment for back, neck and shoulder problems. In addition, comprehensive rehabilitation therapies for people of all ages with medical conditions are available. Orthopedic Chicago offers four major services to restore your previous state after injury. These include; orthopedic physical therapy, sport rehab and conditioning treatment, post surgical rehab, and neck and back Pain orthopedic therapy.

Central Medical Specialists offers quality orthopedic physical therapy. This involves treatment of musculoskeletal system to improve the range of motion, to ease inflammation, increase strength and mobility. Conditions treated in Orthopedic Chicago under the physical therapy range from ankle injury, through plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff injury and whiplash to pregnancy pain. The therapists usually apply a number of modalities like ultrasound and simulation to return full functionality after bone fracture.

Sportsmen and women, who are injured during their practice and play, are amicably handled in sport rehab and conditioning treatment. This therapy is meant at bringing back the painful state to normal within a short period. Post surgical rehab on the other hand is aimed at restoring individual’s strength, mobility and function, and relieving pain. The therapy frequently follows a number of surgeries like ankle surgery, arthroscopic knee surgery, back and neck surgery, joint replacement, shoulder and rotator cuff surgery.

While some pains emanates from the activities we do and accidents, other pains and injuries come with age and uncomfortable posture. These include neck and back pains. For those experiencing such situations, have a chance to visit Orthopedic Chicago for neck and back pain orthopedic therapy. These therapies are given to relieve pain, restore mobility, improve posture, body mechanics and core stability. To accomplish the intended goal, the specialists use manual techniques and electrical simulation modalities to emphasize core stability and strength. In almost each session, they incorporate strength and exercise training. They analyze patient’s movements and patterns, flexibility and movement to determine the source of pain and work to prevent any further injury.

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