Organic Baby Clothes Are Gentle on the Skin

by | Apr 26, 2013 | Business

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Organic baby clothing is growing in popularity every year, as parents look for products that are as safe as possible for their children. A baby’s skin is delicate and prone to rashes, so turning to clothes made with organic cotton makes sense. Organic cotton is grown without using pesticides and chemical fertilizers, so presents little risk of causing a skin reaction when used in yarns and fabrics.

What many people do not realize is that traditional fabrics are often manufactured with cotton that was grown using numerous fertilizers and other chemicals. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has identified at least seven pesticides used to grow cotton as having potential carcinogenic effects. Besides the pesticides that make their way into fabric, formaldehyde has been used as a fabric finish in many instances. Formaldehyde is a dangerous chemical that potentially threatens the health of manufacturing plant workers through accidental exposure.

Chemical Brew

No parent would knowingly expose their infant to chemicals, and yet it happens all the time. That is why organic baby clothing is becoming so popular with mothers that want to do everything possible to protect their infants. High quality organic clothing is made with organically grown cotton, and the manufacturing process uses only materials and solutions known to be safe to humans. Mothers do not have to wonder if the infant bodysuits are safer for babies after several washings because there are no dangerous chemicals to remove in the first place.

Conventional cotton fabric is made from raw cotton converted to fiber by using a variety of chemicals. The chemicals are added during the manufacturing process and include brighteners, flame retardants, and formaldehyde.  Chemicals are used to coat the yard and to produce different fabric finishes. Though we admire the variety of finishes on clothing, most people do not realize they are produced through the use of many different chemicals. These chemicals can be irritating to sensitive baby skin when used in infant bodysuits.

Infants have delicate skin. Until it thickens with age, it is more likely to react to chemical exposure. Baby skin is also subject to health conditions like rashes and eczema. Dressing infants in organic clothing can keep the baby more comfortable and less likely to develop irritating skin problems. Cotton is cool and soft.

Loving the Infant and the Infant’s Environment

The chemicals that are used in, or found on, conventional infant clothing include fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, and a host of manufacturing chemicals. However, there are other reasons to buy organic bodysuits for infants. An important reason is that organic farming is better for the environment. Organic cotton farming does not add chemicals to the soil, air or water.

Organic bodysuits or gift baskets with organic clothing make an ideal shower or holiday gift. This type of gift sends a message of love for the baby and the environment. Organic clothing makes an extraordinary gift that stands out among conventional baby clothing. If you are looking for something different to give an expecting mother or a new mother, then think organic. It is a healthy option for soft, delicate baby skin and a green environment.


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