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Options in Shower and Bathtub Installation in Clackamas OR

Some homeowners wonder whether a bathtub or a shower would work better in their home, and there’s no clear-cut answer to the question. Both choices have their pros and cons, which differ according to the family’s size, age and other factors. The cost of a shower or bathtub installation in Clackamas OR can vary depending on the fixtures chosen, as well as the expense of removing and disposing of the old tub.

Shower Choices

Older homeowners and those with limited mobility tend to choose shower stalls over bathtubs to avoid the risk involved in climbing in and out of a slippery tub. Curbless showers are a good way to ensure easy access, but they require professional installation to avoid drainage issues.

A tiled shower stall is an attractive, durable choice, and it’s less expensive than the curbless option. There are countless tile designs to select from, in numerous sizes, textures and colors. The cheapest option is an acrylic or fiberglass kit, which should also be installed by a pro. However, these can be hard to keep cleaned, and replacement parts can be difficult to find.

Tub Choices

Many people prefer the quiet and luxury of a soak in the bathtub, and tubs are more convenient for bathing of pets and children. A built-in tub is a real space-saver, and they’re easy to use with wall-mounted shower heads. However, a freestanding tub can add elegance, and they can be found in modern and nostalgic styles.

Family Water Usage

Although most bathtubs hold about 42 gallons, that doesn’t account for the displacement caused by the tub’s occupant. In most cases, baths require about thirty gallons of water. When compared to the average ten-minute shower, the water usage is slightly higher. When the family takes shorter showers or turns off the water while shaving, they can cut water usage even further. However, as current trends indicate a preference for spa showers, water consumption can increase. Homeowners should contact Us and consider upgrading their water heater and lines for the additional load.

There are many choices in shower and Bathtub Installation in Clackamas OR, and some of them are listed above. With the help of a licensed and insured installer, customers can find the right choice for their lifestyle, needs and budget. To know more visit our website.

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