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Options for Driveways

Few things about the look and appeal of a home is a smart-looking and well-maintained driveway. Driveways come in one of three types: concrete, gravel and asphalt. Each of these materials have their own benefits and consequences. For concrete, the benefit is a very professional look, but concrete is subject to cracking, settling and erosion. It is also very expensive when compared to the other options. Gravel can be an adequate solution; however, the look is generally not as professional looking as concrete or asphalt and, if the home is subject to rain and snow, the integrity of the driveway can be compromised. Gravel, though, is a very cost effective solution.

The third choice, asphalt in St Paul MN, performs much like concrete, but, since it is a petroleum-based product, it is very flexible and much less susceptible to cracking. It must also be sealed every couple of years, and during the heat of the summer it can get very hot. However, asphalt is much more affordable than concrete. If you chose to have your driveway done in asphalt, there are some facts to consider before making the investment.

The first fact is to know that asphalt is made up of bits of rock, sand and asphalt cement. Overtime, the sealant keeping the materials together can and will degrade, leaving the surface rough and dried and susceptible to cracks. The best way to keep your asphalt in St Paul MN clean is to take a stiff broom and a powerful hose to clean off all debris. Then, have the asphalt sealed every two to four years. If you notice a hole or a crack, have it repaired as soon as possible.

Doing this should extend the life of your driveway to upwards of thirty-five years. The quality of the construction and materials used as well as how you use the driveway will have an effect on how long your driveway lasts.

The cost of asphalt in St Paul MN lies in between concrete and gravel, generally $2 to $5 per square foot to install. Asphalt driveways are generally not a DIY job. Laying asphalt requires some specialized equipment and some finesse. Take your time interviewing contractors who install asphalt driveways. Ask for referrals as well as to be able to see recently completed jobs. Check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure there have been no unaddressed complaints filed against the contractor.

Choose professional and qualified contractors who know how to install asphalt in St Paul MN. Add beauty to your exterior by hiring quality professionals who use quality asphalt in St Paul MN.

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