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Options for a Protective New Garage Door with Style in Honolulu

A garage door is an obvious necessity for a fully enclosed garage. Therefore, it might come as a bit of a surprise to Honolulu homeowners that the door usually isn’t included in the construction of a new garage. You will need to contact a specialized supplier to purchase your new garage door Honolulu. Once you’ve afforded the expense of an additional structure like a garage, you won’t want to enclose it with just any door. You will want a door that makes a good seal and protects the garage’s contents from the elements while adding to your home’s aesthetic value. There are many options available in garage doors to suit all these needs.

Depending on the supplier from whom you purchase your new Garage Door Honolulu, the door itself may have up to 7 layers of protection. You can find garage doors made of heavy 24 gauge steel with hot-dipped galvanizing and two coats of enamel paint on each side. This makes for six layers of protection, plus an optional seventh layer on the outside composed of powder coat paint. Even without insulation, this adds up to a two-inch thick garage door panel with protection against winds up to 85 mph. Insulating the door with a light gauge steel back panel will protect from winds up to 95 mph. Opting instead for a heavy gauge steel back panel adds the greatest protection with a wind-load rating of up to 110 mph.

There are also many styles to choose from when selecting your garage door Honolulu. For those seeking pure functionality, there are traditional garage doors with simple yet attractive paneling and no frills. Garage doors with top window panels add a nice touch in terms of style while letting in a little extra light. The charmingly simple rectangular Lancaster window panels would probably be considered the closest to standard as far as garage door window styles. For a more creative window arrangement, the shaped panels in the “dawn” and “horizon” windows form a design resembling the rising or setting sun. Carriage house style garage doors do away with rectangular shapes altogether and are befitting to homes with more formal, distinctive exterior styles. No matter what your needs are in terms of protective function and style, there is a garage door to fit.

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