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Obtaining Good Autobody Collision Repair in Gahanna OH

Of course we are all such good drivers that accidents never happen to us and, naturally, in the unlikely event that one should happen, we are never the person at fault whenever two automobiles collide and sustain damage to one or the other or both. Equally naturally, our usual thought is not to worry since the insurance will take care of it.

Unfortunately, real life is rarely so simple. Somehow, both your prized, high priced, customized one of a kind auto and a beaten up ancient pickup have both tried to occupy the same space at the same time with damaging results. Fortunately, you were both maneuvering in the parking lot at the time and no one was injured. The pickup might have some new dents and more missing paintwork but it is hard to say given its overall condition. However, your pride and joy has a busted tail light, a big scratch down one side and dents where it should be smooth and rounded. To make matters worse, the pickup driver swears that it was all your fault and even has the nerve to suggest that you will need to pay out to put his vehicle right.

You, obviously, have a good, all-embracing insurance policy (the pickup guy might not even have the bare minimum required by law). One way or another, your insurance provider should be able to sort out who is liable for what. But, that is going to take time and you were only at the parking lot to grab a quick coffee on your way to an important meeting (still some miles away and you are due there soon). The damage to your vehicle may be costly to repair but, can you wait until the insurance issue has been clarified?

Your vehicle can still be driven so, now is the time to find yourself somebody like Autobody Collision Repair in Gahanna OH. You whip out your smart phone, touch a few icons and find that there is a body shop nearby that, not only knows all about your make and model, but, is also approved by your insurance company. You double check with your insurance and make an appointment to swing by Autobody Collision Repair Gahanna OH after your meeting so that they can give you an estimate.

You make your meeting, your automobile will get restored to its original condition and any liability you may have to the pickup guy will be dealt with.

Autobody Collision Repair Gahanna OH is an auto body shop that goes to the limit to provide customer satisfaction in the quality of its repair work. Visit RiesersAutobodyEast.com to know more.

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