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Obtaining an Affidavit about Military Service

First off, a military affidavit (also called an affidavit of military service, non-military affidavit, affidavit under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (“SCRA”), etc.) is a sworn, legal statement that declares that an investigation has been undertaken to determine a person’s status in the military. There are a lot of benefits that are offered to all military servicemen and servicewomen both during active duty and after discharge pursuant to the SCRA. Now while a person is on active duty, there is no need for additional proof because a person has an active duty military ID. Once a person is discharged though, they will not be able to prove their military service quite as easily.

Proving Military Service

A servicemember on active duty can easily present proof of his or her service. To prove military service after being discharged, a person just needs to have a military affidavit. Now to get this legal document a person needs to first go to their local government office. There are different places that a person needs to visit in order to receive certain affidavits. For instance if a person needs an affidavit for a tax form then they need to visit the local revenue service office. If a person needs an affidavit for a vehicle, then they just need to visit the local Department of Motor Vehicles.

Fill Out the Forms

The next step is to fill out the form for the affidavit. These forms typically have the standard requirements. This includes the person’s name, address, social security number, military service number, and sometimes the past military postings. There may be some additional information that is asked, but these are the main pieces of information that any person will have to have in order to obtain an affidavit.

The final step is to turn the affidavit to the local military base office so that it can be notarized. This step is required in order for the affidavit to be official. Now some forms will require that the affidavit be signed by a commanding officer. Others are not quite as strict. It just depends on the situation.

That is really all there is to it when it comes to obtaining an affidavit from the military. It is very important that all of these steps are followed. Any person who has ever been in the military knows how strict they are that the correct form or forms are filled out and filled out properly. Otherwise, they will reject the form.

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Centralized Verification Service (“SCRACVS”) provides a military affidavit attesting to whether people are or are not on active military duty.

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