New Options for Medical Imaging in the St Paul MN Area May17


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New Options for Medical Imaging in the St Paul MN Area

For some people, the prospect of getting an MRI can be terrifying. Often times, getting an MRI scan takes quite a bit of time and the patient may even need to go back for multiple scans. The machine is tube in which the patient lays down on a flat bed and the bed then slides into a tube that is closed on one end. Typically, the end where the patient’s head is the end that goes into the tube first. Once inside the tube, the patient must lay still for an extended amount of time in a small enclosed space. So if you are very claustrophobic and need to have a series of MRI scans done, it might be time to look into some of the other options for medical imaging center in St Paul MN has to offer.

Instead of a traditional MRI scan, one option is an open MRI. This is different because the patient will sit or stand and have the equipment placed around the area that needs to be scanned. So if the patient needs an abdominal scan, their head and feet would be left in the open, while the machines are placed around the abdominal area. For someone that is very claustrophobic, having their head and feet in the open can make a big difference. Since this machine is not offered everywhere, check all facilities for medical imaging St Paul MN has to offer.

Another great option for medical imaging St Paul MN has to offer is an upright MRI. This machine is one with two large magnetic plates that are upright. The front magnetic plate has an open space for the face and is completely open at the top. The patient can either stand on a platform or sit in a chair for the scan, and if needed, the platform and chair can be raised or lowered. This particular MRI scan is particularly helpful for patients that suffer from back pain or knee pain because of the position of the patient. When patients are laying flat on their backs, they often do not experience any pain, so the images will only capture the spine at rest.

Depending on the patient’s situation, one of these MRI options might be a better choice. Look into all the options each reliable diagnostic imaging center St Paul MN has to offer to find out which one will work best for your situation.

To learn more about how to find the right medical imaging center in St Paul MN for you, visit us website.

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