Needing An Oil Change In Tulsa

by | Apr 18, 2016 | Tires

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Neglecting to change your oil can result in expensive repairs. Most experts suggest changing the oil every three-thousand miles. In between maintenance visits, check the oil yourself with the dipstick. The dipstick reveals how much oil is in the engine or whether the oil is dirty. An MIN reading means the oil is operating at minimum capacity and needs a quart of oil. It is a good idea to follow the oil change schedule in the owner’s manual.

If you need an Oil Change Tulsa, visit Tate Boys Tire & Service. Visit website to find the hours of operation. Engine oil serves a couple of purposes. First, it lowers the amount of friction. Oil gets dirty over time and loses the ability to do its job. Eventually, friction causes delicate parts to rub together. An excessive amount of friction wears out the parts. Often, the engine “locks” and the car will not move. The owner may have to buy a new engine. Further, oil loses its ability to absorb heat when it is dirty. This may cause engine overheating. And, the engine needs to stay at a regular temperature for optimal performance.

Most cars give you a heads-up when the oil light comes on. Meanwhile, it is easy to track your oil changes. Usually, shops put a sticker in the corner of your window. The sticker gives you a mileage reading. And, when that mileage shows on the odometer, time to get the oil changed. People may need to change their oil more often if they live in a place that is very hot or very cold. Likewise, dirt road drivers and owners of old cars may need oil changes more often.

When you take your car for an oil change, the mechanic is supposed to change the oil filter and check all the fluids. These additional fluids are important like brake fluid and windshield wiper fluid. Develop a good relationship with the employees when you get an Oil Change in Tulsa. They will be glad to give you helpful maintenance tips. These tips will come in handy and make you a more responsible car owner.

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