Need-To-Know Details About Fixed Mortgages in Jacksonville Beach

If you are in the market for a new home, there are many types of mortgages to consider. A 30-year fixed mortgage in Jacksonville Beach is a traditional vehicle that has many perks, but there are some things you should understand about this type of home loan and how it compares to others.

Down Payment

Typically, you will need to put down some money in order to get a 30-year fixed mortgage in Jacksonville Beach. The standard amount is 20%, but that can vary. Putting money down means that your monthly payment will be smaller, and if you put down 20%, you may not have to buy additional mortgage insurance.

No Surprises

When you opt for a fixed mortgage, you will know what your monthly payment will be. The amount always stays the same even when national interest rates fluctuate, but some situations can cause it to increase, like if your property taxes go up. In general, you will be able to budget your payment for the next three decades with this type of loan.


You may have more equity in your home faster if you choose a 30-year mortgage. Because of the higher payments and the money you initially put down, you will steadily move towards owning the property outright. When you have equity, you can get cash out of your home for unseen expenses or to make a down payment on another piece of property. For more details on a 30-year fixed mortgage in Jacksonville Beach, contact The Mortgage Lady Team-Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation at

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