What You Need to Know About Steering Installation

by | Jan 6, 2017 | Autos Repair

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The steering assembly of the modern vehicle is quite complex. There are several different components within the steering assembly that are used in order to manipulate the direction of the car. While it may seem like a pretty small gesture to you (just turning the wheel one way or another), it sets off a complex chain of different events and utilizes several components to ensure that the vehicle turns smoothly. Because the steering assembly is constantly in use, it might need to be completely replaced if the components fail. Here are a few things that you should know about steering installation.

A Complicated Job

Connected to the steering wheel are a series of different rods and wires that regulate the movement of the wheels. If the whole assembly needs to be replaced, the mechanic will have to remove all of the components such as the tie rods, the pipes connecting to the power fluids, the steering wheel wiring, and all related equipment. Needless to say, it’s a pretty complicated job and one that requires an expert hand. Afterwards, the new steering installation will be put in the vehicle.


A new steering installation isn’t cheap by any standards. If you have an older model, finding the steering assembly might prove to be a challenge in itself. If the workshop can’t locate the appropriate assembly, you will have to do the legwork yourself and find a compatible steering assembly. This would mean visiting different salvage stations and checking out numerous other spare parts sellers in order to find what you need. Even the labor costs are also relatively high, so you are looking at a sizeable expenditure. However, it’s a necessary expense, since a malfunctioning assembly can cause a serious accident on the road if you lose control of the vehicle.

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