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Need Help From Child Custody Lawyers In Dayton, OH?

Are mothers more likely to be awarded custody in a divorce? Many years ago, judges felt minor children needed to be with the mothers. However, that is no longer the case. Judges are required to determine what is in the best interests of the child or children. There are many factors to consider including the health of both parents. In addition, the judge will want to see both parents interact with the children. Other major factors include a parent’s ability to provide a home and stable environment.

Typically, the court awards joint legal custody to the parents. This means that each parent has the right to make decisions. Likewise, the parents have equal access to information like school and medical records. In fact, many state laws require the court to award joint legal custody. If a parent objects to joint custody, they should visit child custody lawyers in Dayton OH. A lawyer fights for the type of custody the client wants. However, a judge may send the parties to mediation. During mediation, the parents meet with a neutral party called a mediator. The mediator is trained to help the parties reach an agreement.

There are cases where sole custody is in the child’s best interest. For example, one parent may be unfit in the eyes of the court. This can happen if the parent uses drugs or has a criminal background. Fortunately, many parents want to share physical custody. This means the children split time between the parents. Interestingly, this arrangement works for many families. The best scenario is both parents living in the same community. This allows the children to go to one school and keep their friends. Experts recognize that children need both parents. Therefore, this arrangement works out well.

Non-custodial parents may have liberal visitation with the children. Most courts require a signed visitation agreement. Ideally, Child Custody Lawyers in Dayton OH will prepare the agreement. The agreement must be very specific about where and what time visitation occurs. In addition, visitation should be included for weekends, summer, and spring school breaks and holidays. Further, some agreements contain written provisions for the childrens’ birthdays. Hopefully, the parents are able to work out a custody agreement. If not, visit a custody lawyer’s website. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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