Need Dog Coats in Albany, OR? Consider a Pet Hotel

by | Apr 1, 2016 | Pets

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Most dogs love romping in the outdoors during Oregon’s nippy fall, winter, and even spring weather. However, there are times when even the hardiest breeds really need dog coats in Albany OR. As a result, many pet owners pick up stylish garments at favorite styling and boarding businesses, like Albany Pet Hotel. In fact, the full-service companies make it easy for clients to find all of their pet supplies while their dogs are being groomed.

Dog Coats Offer Protection

Although some non-dog owners question whether canine companions really need coats, experts can provide good reasons for the extra covering. The owners of very young or old pets often visit to find jackets that protect fragile dogs. They can buy raincoats that allow pups to enjoy exercise without getting colds or dripping water all over their homes. Owners of very small, short-haired pets often buy Dog Coats in Albany OR, that provide the necessary warmth the animals need to exercise on very cold days. As long as owners are careful not to overheat dogs, coats can keep them comfortable year round.

Groomers Can Help Clients Choose

A first-class pet hotel provides personalized grooming for dogs. Specialists who shampoo and trim dogs understand each breed’s special needs, so they can guide owners in their care. They may suggest coats for dogs with sensitive skin. The garments amour them against outdoor allergens. Groomers might also suggest matching booties that shield especially delicate paws. Professionals can even recommend the best brands, materials, and styles for each breed.

Pet Hotels Offer One-Stop Shopping

Owners shopping for dog coats at a pet hotel can also find matching accessories. The businesses usually promote positive reinforcement and often carry Gentle Walkers, Easy Walk Harnesses, and Two Hounds Design Freedom Harnesses designed to make training pleasant. Shoppers can find products in a wide variety of sizes and colors, making it simple to coordinate canine wear.

Caring Albany dog owners often make sure their pets are fully outfitted for cold or wet weather. Many buy dog coats, collars, leashes, and harnesses at the same pet hotels where their dogs are groomed. Shoppers rely on groomers and other staff to provide the ideal products for each breed.

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