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Do You Need to Contact a Divorce Law Firm in Las Vegas, NV?

In order for the court to accept a divorce filing in Nevada, the filer must show that he or she is a resident of the state. Otherwise, the case cannot be filed. You can either obtain a no-fault divorce, or a divorce where insanity can be proven to have existed two years before the action was commenced.

No-fault Divorces

If you are seeking a no-fault divorce through a divorce law firm in Las Vegas, NV, you must have lived separately from your spouse for at least one year. In this case, the court may grant a divorce to either of the two parties. Couples can also state that incompatibility led to the filing.

If you file a divorce with the help of a divorce law firm, you will be named the plaintiff in the divorce case. This means that you are the spouse who initiated the action with a domestic relations or family law court. The defendant in the case is the spouse who did not file the divorce papers initially, but was served the papers instead.

The Name of the Court

The name of the court in an action is the court where the divorce case is filed. When a filing is made through a divorce law firm, a case number is assigned to the action. The court, in turn, has jurisdiction to issue and grant orders. Orders typically cover the division of property or a decision on child custody, support, or visitation rights. The name of the court in the case is clearly identified at the top of all legal documents that are filed.

The main documents in a divorce filing are the decree of divorce and the complaint. Both forms of paperwork are required to begin and finalize a divorce. However, as many as ten or twenty documents may be used during the process. Some of the other documents may include the marital settlement agreement, the certificate of mailing, the family court cover sheet, and the affidavit of witness form.

If you want to ensure that your rights are protected during a divorce filing, you need to know whom to contact to represent you in your case. A law firm such as Pintar Albiston LLP can help you with the filing and assist you in fighting to receive a fair settlement. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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