Need Antique Rug Repair in New York City? Carpet Craftsmen Offer That and More

Whether the antique rugs in your New York home are family heirlooms or prized purchases, it is possible to restore them to their original beauty. However, antique rug repair in New York City should only be done by experienced craftsmen such as the staff of The Golden Horn. Their specialists use gentle products and age-old processes to clean and restore rugs. They also offer appraisals, color changing, and more.

Professionals Offer Unique Cleaning Services

Antique rug specialists use gentle, traditional hand cleaning to restore carpets beauty without harm. Cleaners vacuum dirt and dust from surfaces using compressed air. They shampoo surfaces with non-chemical products that clean without altering wool or colors. They wash fringes very carefully. Professionals can remove color runs, odors, pet stains, ink, wine, and more. Water is then extracted from rugs, and they are sent to humidity and temperature controlled drying areas.

Craftsmen Repair Heavily Damaged Rugs

Rug specialists use a variety of traditional techniques to repair rugs and can completely restore them when they are as much as 70% damaged. You can send them photos and rug information to get a free estimate, and they pick up and deliver carpets. Professionals work with Caucasian, Persian, Oushak, and other antique carpets. During Antique Rug Repair in New York City, old-world craftsmen re-weave wool using replacement material that is the same age as the original. They can re-create areas that have large holes in patterns. They use wool that has been carefully dyed to match original rug colors. The dead pile is removed, and worn areas are re-piled. Experts use finishing techniques that ensure restored rugs look like new.

Specialists Provide A Range of Custom Services

Expert carpet restoration experts also offer appraisals, color changing services, blocking, and storage. When you have inherited an antique rug or are interested in selling, specialists will give you an accurate estimate of its value. They also offer wrinkle removing and blocking processes and can get your valuable rugs ready for hanging. Experts will also ensure that specialty carpets are moth-proofed and correctly prepared for safe storage.

New York’s antique carpet specialists use centuries-old techniques to clean and repair the unique flooring. Their craftsmen use gentle processes to clean, reweave, and restore even badly damaged rugs to their original beauty. In addition, carpet experts offer appraisal, color treatment, blocking, and other services.

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