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by | Jun 17, 2013 | Health

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Forskolin is an herb which is closely related to mint, it has proven effective in treating health conditions such as depression and asthma. It has been found effective as a weight loss supplement for men and as such as become a subject of considerable interest. As of two years ago there has been little research done so the medical community is skeptical and as a result, the benefits in weight loss are hotly debated. The general consensus and belief is that it can be of benefit for weight loss in men and strangely enough, it is also thought that it may prevent continued weight loss in women.

The herb has tendency to increase the activity of cAMP, Cyclic AMP, an enzyme. This is the enzyme that has the greatest influence on all the fundamental functions of cells including the dissolution of fat and acts as a stimulant to the thyroid which increases the metabolism. Although this is the current thinking, the number of studies completed is not yet conclusive but it does appear that Forskolin does have a positive impact on weight loss.

One trial in particular indicates that it may be an excellent weight loss supplement for men. The study itself was conducted on an all male study group and the members who were given Forskolin rather than a placebo all showed significant weight loss and increased muscle mass. Strangely, the group that took the placebo showed an increase in muscle, totally unexplainable. It is this unexplained variable that casts doubt on the study, the results also did not conclude that there was an increase in the metabolism which is a side effect that it is supposed to have.

Although the herb has shown to reduce the weight of a male subject, when the herb is given to female subjects there was no evidence of weight loss, but there was evidence of no further weight gain. Another study using female subjects did show a tendency for the subjects to lose weight. The results of these studies on both men and women are very contradicting, so much so that doctors suggest that the herb may be beneficial to both genders, but considerably more so in men.

The suggested dosage is 250mg taken thrice daily, the amount of Forskolin is about 4% of the makeup of the tablet.

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