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Myths and Realities About Microblading In Highland Park

With any new type of cosmetic procedure, there are myths and misinformation that are quickly spread online or though uninformed sources. Additionally, like all new options, there is a rush of people offering the service, many with limited training and experience. Always choose a professional, experienced artist to complete the procedure.

Understanding the realities and spotting the myths about microblading is critical in determining if this is the right procedure. Men and women in Highland Park with thin eyebrows or even complete loss of eyebrows due to disease, medications, medical treatments or even due to aging can choose this procedure to create semi-permanent eyebrows that look amazing.

Myth: It is just like a brow tattoo

Tattooing of the eyebrows is not the same as microblading. Tattooing uses a needle and ink to color in the area of the brow by depositing pigment deep into the skin layers. The process of microblading uses a specialized pen that creates fine scratch lines in the skin to exactly replicate the look of eyebrow hairs. The pigment is then applied and, once healed in about a week, all that is left is a perfect eyebrow. This is a semi-permanent treatment that lasts up to two years, depending on the individual.

Myth: Brows are not customized

Some people complete the procedure use eyebrow templates or shaping tools that create a brow shape based on a computer program. However, there are individual artists who create a customized and personalized brow shape and pigment color to perfectly frame the eyes and to create balance and harmony with the rest of the face.

Myth: The procedure is painful

Expert artists creating eyebrows for their clients, take the time needed to allow local, topical anesthesia to completely numb the brow area before the procedure begins. This is a completely pain-free process when done correctly, with most people in Highland Park returning to work the day after the procedure with just a slight redness in the brow area.

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