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Must read facts on alcohol testing

Presently, there is a wide variety of alcohol tests that can be done to determine the level of alcohol concentration in an individual’s body. Alcohol testing is also done as an effective way of determining past usage of alcohol and other related drugs. Alcohol test encompasses use of a wide range of methods that show alcohol levels in body fluids such as saliva and blood. Still, there are other additional alcohol tests that show the extent of past or chronic alcohol abuse. Actually, the whole idea behind this type if test is based on the fact every time alcohol is consumed, there is a proportionate elevation of alcohol concentration in the blood. Some of the commonly used alcohol test methods and procedures are highlighted here below.

Blood alcohol test which has been used in many clinics for sometime now is sill a popular method of alcohol testing. However, its popularity has significantly reduced due to invention of other simple, safe and affordable alcohol tests methods. Nevertheless, since it involves directly determining alcohol concentration in the blood, it’s the most accurate alcohol test method. In most cases, it is used in emergency situations and can give reliable results even ten hours after getting drunk. Breath alcohol test is another alternative alcohol testing method that detects the level of alcohol content in the blood. Breath alcohol testing is available in several types and makes use of various technologies. This method is easy to use, non-invasive and one of the least alcohol testing options.

Urine alcohol test is another common alcohol indicator method that is also widely used. Unlike other methods, urine tests can reveal availability of alcohol compounds in users system even after a number of days have passed after the consumption. Although urine alcohol test is a trusted alcohol detection method, susceptibilities to result alterations like substitution and dilution have been issues of concern as far as reliability of urine test cost is concerned. However, just like saliva alcohol test, it’s still widely used. The relative affordability and non invasive nature of saliva alcohol test has enhanced the support for this method as an accurate alcohol testing option to the blood test. Alcohol testing for chronic use is also available where by hair alcohol test method is applied. Actually, this method is based on chemical alterations of hair growth resulting from alcohol use and is effective even months or years after taking alcohol. All these explained alcohol test options provide effective ways of controlling illegal procurement and consumption of alcohol.

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