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Moving With Full Service Cross Country Moving Companies

Most people plan long distance moves with enough time to fully pack and prepare for the move. Sometimes, however, movers are required for long distance relocation’s with a very short window for finding a mover, packing and getting ready for the big day.

Busy professionals, busy parents and people that require additional support from their movers besides just the heavy lifting can turn to Cross Country moving companies offering full service moves. These companies can provide the services you need before, during and even after your move.

Depending on which company you are talking to full service may include more than one option. Be sure to clarify with the company what you request and verify the fee for this service. The information should be provided, in writing, on your quote.

Keep in mind that adding additional services from Cross Country moving companies in Aventura, FL, will change a quote, even a binding quote. If you are still at the point of comparing different companies, be sure to include the same services in the quotes from each to be able to make an accurate comparison.

Packing Services

One of the most common additional services requested by those with long distance moving requirements is a packing service. This will include a team of trained, experienced packers arriving at your home a few days before the move.

The timing of the packing will depend on the quantity or volume of items you need to have packed. The service should include a quote for the packing as well as for the supplies and materials required. The moving company will bring the packing materials for their team.

Always verify the packers are employees of the moving company and not day labor hires. Some movers will use day labor or temporary employees for packing who have no training or experience with this all important task.

Storage Services

Moving isn’t always easy to coordinate and sometimes a new home or apartment may not be ready for immediate occupancy. When this happens, and it is common, having storage available can save you time and money.

Always look to Cross Country moving companies in Aventura, FL, with the capacity to offer their own safe, secure and climate controlled facilities. This will allow you to store your items in Cross Country with a trusted mover and then, when the new place is ready, have them delivered to your location.

Other services to look for in full service relocation companies include moving coordinators to help with the move, packing supplies available through the company and professional movers to safely and carefully move your household across the state or across the country.

Contact Ciao Moving & Storage at www.ciaomoving.com to find out more about available moving services and costs.

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