Most Popular Engagement Rings in Dallas

Buying an engagement ring in Dallas can be one of the most exciting shopping ventures you’ll ever experience, but it can also be very stressful and overwhelming. You want to buy an engagement ring that conveys your love for your significant other without sending you to the cleaners, and it should also represent your intended’s personal style. That’s a tall order, but a little cursory knowledge can go a long way toward helping you zero in on the perfect engagement ring for your loved one. Several of the most popular engagement ring styles in Dallas are listed below; they each have something unique and special about them, but you should be sure to consider your loved one’s individual tastes as well.

Solitaire engagement rings

The solitaire engagement ring is popular both in Dallas and just about everywhere else, due in part to its traditional silhouette that offers maximum bang for the buck. A solitaire engagement ring can appear larger and brighter while going a little easier on the bank account because it is a fairly simple style, and in some cases, it can be amplified with a halo setting. Solitaire engagement rings can also be accessorized with a diamond wedding band. Diamond wedding bands are more affordable because inclusions and clarity are less apparent with many small diamonds in a row, as opposed to the inclusions and lack of clarity that tend to stand out with one large, solid stone.

Emerald engagement rings

Emerald engagement rings are cut in a square-shaped style that has been popular for decades in Dallas, and theyhave recently experienced a major comeback in the past few years. There is a sense of tradition with an emerald engagement ring, but there are also fewer of them, which gives them trendy appeal for the modern bride. Many fashion-forward women in Dallas favor emerald engagement rings.

Princess engagement rings

Princess engagement rings have inherent appeal just because of their title, but they are also appreciated for their classic shape. A princess engagement ring is a perfect square shape which enhances any size diamond. For a smaller diamond, a princess engagement ring can be exceptionally brilliant if purchased with low-color and high-clarity ratings. Princess engagement rings work well with either a wedding band of micro diamonds or a platinum or plain band made of white gold.

Asscher engagement rings

Asscher engagement rings were extremely popular at the turn of the twentieth century and experienced renewed attraction after Hollywood starlets began buying vintage. The Asscher engagement ring has an exquisite look in any size and can look larger with a halo setting. Among the flashy set, Asscher rings are generally well-liked, but Asscher engagement rings carry high appeal throughout Texas, including in Dallas. If you choose to use a gem stone other than the diamond, an Asscher cut emerald or sapphire also create an exceptionally dramatic look.

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