Most Common Problems With Transmissions

by | Sep 23, 2013 | Automotive

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Anyone who has ever owned or used a vehicle understands that there are many things that can and will go wrong with it. Whether it is the brakes, the electrical equipment, the transmission, or even the battery, it never seems like your vehicle will be up and running like it should. One of the common problems that you might need help with is transmission repair in Fort Wayne, IN. The following is some information about the different types of problems you may encounter with your transmission.

Low Fluid

The first issue that will require transmission repair in Fort Wayne, IN is low fluid. For the most part, these levels of low fluid will occur because there is some sort of leak in your transmission system. Leaks can occur through the seals or the gaskets or the fluid for the transmission may even find its way into the coolant and mix together. It is important that your transmission have all of the fluid necessary in order to work properly so you should get this problem fixed as soon as possible.

Torque Converter

When you begin to have trouble with your torque converter, you will find that strange noises will start to appear near the transmission when you change gears. This noise will sound either like a brushing noise or a grinding. If you are experiencing any of these sounds there may be a damaged or worn needle bearing and you will have to seek transmission repair in Fort Wayne, IN right away.

Solenoid Problems

While the solenoid might be a part of your transmission that you have never hear of before, it is very critical to assisting with the flow of the fluid all throughout your transmission. When the fluid levels get really low in the transmission, problems may occur with this part. Often the signs of this type of problem will be similar to those of having low fluid in the vehicle. If you are not finding any leaks, the solenoid is the culprit.

Clutch Problems

The next common problem that might require transmission repair in Fort Wayne, IN is the clutch. This part is located inside the torque converter. Many people find that this part will become jammed, which then in turn locks up the solenoid and prevents the fluid from coming through properly. If the problem with your transmission is the clutch, you will notice a violent shaking occurring under your vehicle and a large level of transmission.

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