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Montessori Education in Cedar Park: Innovative Learning

Are you considering enrolling your child in a Montessori school?  Many parents have heard the term “Montessori” but are not really clear on what Montessori Cedar Park education actually entails.  Montessori emphasizes a child’s creativity.  This does not mean that students are allowed to do whatever they want in the classroom.  It also does not mean that students can avoid subjects that they do not like.

Montessori is grounded in emphasizing cultivation of a child’s sense of creativity and wonder and enthusiasm for discovery.  Educators teach children respect for themselves, their parents, their instructors, other children, other peers, and the world.  Essentially we teach the Golden Rule.  Respect others as you wish to be respected.  If we foster the goodness within each individual that we teach our students will respond by working hard, being at peace with who they are as individuals, and develop a positive attitude about life and work and the world around us.

Montessori Cedar Park educators teach children how to learn.  They do not simply teach material, as is done in a traditional classroom.  Instructors use pedagogical strategies to encourage children to come to school every day with an open mind willing and eager to learn and discover.  Children will learn how to listen to others, work with other children and authority figures, observe the world around them, and reflect on details of their lives.  Over time, Children will hone their skills and perfect talents that are introduced in the classroom setting.

Every child, regardless of what he or she struggles with, comes into a classroom equipped with intelligence, a capacity for creativity and a wide imagination.  Every human being has some things that he does better than others and every human also has some things that he doesn’t do as well.  In the process of learning how to develop skills that they are already great at, children are encouraged to work on skills that they have difficulty with.  This dichotomy is useful in helping children learn to take the initiative to do tasks that they might dislike or may find especially challenging.

Not only is the Montessori Cedar Park educational system focused on helping children learn to learn, I is also about helping children learn how to live.  Montessori educators work with children to weed out self-doubt, which makes them afraid to learn and try new things.  We try to teach children enthusiasm for learning new things and developing skills.  A Montessori education results in the student loving learning instead of loving rewards and hierarchy that a traditional school setting provides.  Overall, the structure of Montessori education results in the development of lifelong students who are enthused to explore and learn and innovate for the rest of their lives.

Montessori Cedar Park schools are currently enrolling for the 2013 and 2014 Summer Programs. We offer a supportive environment conducive to learning and growth of a child’s enthusiasm for education and discovery.  Contact the administrative offices today at (512) 259-8495 or admin@cedarparkmontessori.com.

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