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by | Jun 12, 2013 | Shopping

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Have you put your lips on an authentic Cuban cigar before?  They’re being smoked throughout the world, but in the United States, it’s very difficult to get them unless you’re rich, know somebody, or both.  The Cuban trade embargo forbids the sale of Cuban cigars in the United States, but people are smoking Cuban cigars right now in the US, and they’re not the counterfeit ones that so many people pass off as being true Cubans.  The best brands are being sold right now.  Montecristo cigars are one of those brands.

Along with Partagas, Montecristo is one of the better known brands of Cuban cigars.  Also like Partagas, two companies sell them—the Cuban-owned Cubatabaco, and a company based in the Dominican Republic.  The cigars from the Dominican company are available in the United States; however, they’re not the actual Cuban cigars.  How are you going to get those cigars, you ask?  If you can gain access to the black market and buy them that way, more power to you.  For everyone else, there is an alternative:  Buying Montecristo cigars online.  If you haven’t done it before, it’s as easy as buying other items online.

You don’t have to pay a lot for high-quality, authentic Montecristo cigars from Cuba.  Online stores headquartered overseas have free access to these cigars, and know that selling them to American customers is a lucrative business.  American consumers are so eager to get authentic Cuban cigars, in fact, that they end up paying for complete counterfeits.  Don’t be fooled by cigars made in the US by Cubans, passing them off as “Cuban cigars.”  They may be in the literal sense, but are they of the same high quality?

Montecristo cigars can be shipped directly to you without cigar bands on them, so the distinguishing marks will be off of them.  You’ll know what they are, but no one else will ever know.  Even the classic Montecristo Number 4 is available online, which is well-known as a great “beginner” cigar for those who haven’t partaken in cigar smoking before.  It can be difficult to tell the real ones from the fake ones, but reputable online stores aren’t in the business of cheating customers.  This way, you can share Cuban cigars with your friends.  They’ll ask where you got them from, but you don’t have to tell if you don’t want to.

If you want quality Cuban cigars shipped to your door—no matter where you live—then visit to get more information.

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